Despite being on the coast, San Sebastian enjoys a privileged landscape. Just half an hour from the downtown, we can enjoy a day surrounded by nature. There are many options: from walking the St James Way along the coast to a hiking tour through the mountains in the Basque Countryside. Here are our 4 favorite hiking tours in San Sebastian. 

St James Coastal Hike

St James Coastal Hike finishing in Pasajes is one the best hiking tours from San Sebastian
St James Coastal Hike

You want to experience the Camino de Santiago but you don´t have enough time? No worries, you can walk parts of the Camino de Santiago during your stay in San Sebastian. 

The hike starts in the city, just behind Zurriola beach. You will walk through the St James Way coastal trail along the sea. Please, make sure you have enough battery on your phone or camera, the impressive landscape will take your breath away! After 2.5hours walking, you will arrive to the charming fishing village of Pasajes. 

If you are looking for a local experience and take the boat through Pasajes San Juan, and enjoy a lunch based on fresh fish and sea fish, have a look into the next link 

Basque Tours tip #1: once you arrive to Pasajes, get a pintxo in BODEGAS MUGURUZA (aka Falcon Crest), this fishermen bar will be the highlight of your hike

Basque Tours tip #2: if you have enough time, visit the Albaola Museum. You will learn  about the Basque Whalers history and see in situ the construction of a vessel from the Century

St James Vineyards Hike

This route is perfect for wine lovers. That´s why is in our list of best hiking tours in San Sebastian. Starting in the fishing village of Orio, this lovely part of the Camino you will walk through the Txakoli Vineyards keeping the ocean as an amazing backdrop.

The hike takes about 2.5hours and finishes in Getaria, the hometown of Elcano and the town that has some of the best restaurants in the Basque Country. The best way of enjoying this hike is finishing with a bottle of Basque Txakoli wine and a lunch that includes charcoal grilled wild turbot. If you want to know more about this wonderful hike, check the next link

Mount Hernio Hike

Mount Hernio Hike is probably     the most popular hike in this region, and that is why it is part of list of Top hiking Tours from San Sebastian
Mount Hernio Hike

The Mount Hernio (1075) is a very popular hike among the locals and an iconic summit in the Basque Country. You will find beautiful forests, oak and chesnuts trees and the unique moon milk river (the only one of the world). There are many popular stories that says heroic battles took place in Mount Hernio during Roman times. This hike full of history and breathtaking landscape, will be the real local hike experience in the Basque Country. At Basque Tours, we love to finish our mount Hernio hike in the fishing village of Getaria, with a bottle of txakoli and grilled fresh fish. What else could we ask for?

Mount Adarra Hike

Just 20 minutes driving far from San Sebastian, its a popular peak among the locals. The route  is a lovely 3-4 hour hike to admire the city from one of the best natural viewpoints of the region. Also, the mountain and the whole area show several examples of megalithic art. In case you feel exercising after a pintxos evening, Mount Adarra is your hike! At Basque Tours, we like to finish our hike in a traditional cider house. A txuleta is all you need to recover energy! 

Basque tours tip: in case you feel too tired to walk for 3-4hours, have a look to our Highlands Hike&Cheese Tour in which you will enjoy an easy hike and meet an artisanal cheesmaker after!