A very typical question: ho to find the very best rooftop in San Sebastian? Well, finding fantastic rooftop bars in the city is not an easy task. All rooftop bars in the city are located in hotels. Usually they are exclusive to guests that are staying at the hotel. So, which are the best rooftop bars in San Sebastian? Here goes the list of the Best Rooftop Bars in San Sebastian. 

Lasala Plaza Hotel

Best Boutique Hotels in San Sebastian
The pool

Located in the old part of the city, Lasala Plaza Hotel is housed in a historic building from 1917. This boutique hotel offers all the comforts that every traveler needs. It has a rooftop bar with some of the best views in the entire city. You will be able to visualize the bay of La Concha while enjoying a glass of champagne. There is also a beautiful infinity pool on the roof. Exclusive to guests staying at the hotel, non-guests can enjoy the Hatha-Vinyasa yoga session&Healty morning snack every Saturday and Sunday starting at 8:30am. 

Zenit Convento Hotel

Best hotels in San Sebastian
Rooftop pool!

Hotel Zenit Convento San Martín rests at the very heart of San Sebastián behind the classical façade of an old convent built in 1887 using stones from the Igeldo quarry for the congregation of the Servants of Mary.

The rooftop of Hotel Zenit Convento San Martín also known as “The Sky of San Sebastian”, is a spacious area where you can bathe in the pool, sunbathe or relax in the comfortable chairs and loungers and enjoy good company and a drink. The perfect option after discovering the secrets of the French Basque Coast for example. 

ABBA Hotel

Located next to the river in the famous Paseo the Francia, Abba Hotel is housed in a historic building of the beginning of the XXth Century. A experience in this hotel is like a trip back in time through the history of the city. We have the perfect plan for you: enjoy a city panoramic&pintxo tasting tour in the morning and get relaxed with a gin&tonic at the solarium of the hotel on the afternoon. Definitely one of the best rooftop bars in San Sebastian. 

Hotel Maria Cristina

Best hotels in San Sebastian
Hotel room terrace with a view

The most famous 5* hotel in the city, Hotel Maria Cristina, has some lovely rooms with breathtaking views terraces. Perfect to chill&relax after a day on the Basque Highlands. If you are looking for something private and intimate this is the best option for you. It will make you feel like the royalty that used to visit the hotel in the beginning of the XXth Century. 

Hotel Londres

Best hotels in San Sebastian
Hotel Londres room+terrace

The emblematic Hotel Londres , has also spectacular rooms with terraces overlooking La Concha Bay. Nothing like a picnic style dinner with local delicacies at the balcony of the hotel. You will be the witness of the most beautiful sunsets in the city. With a perfect location, Hotel Londres rooms are a lovely place to escape from the crowd and enjoy a sunny afternoon!