Why people are so healthy in San Sebastian

One of the things that surprises our visitors is how healthy people are in San Sebastian.

Although San Sebastian is not a retirement town for the Basques, they average age of its population is above 60. But surprisingly enough, the town is buzzing with energy and activity. From early morning till late night, you will see people out and about enjoying themselves. The secrets of why people are so healthy in San Sebastian for you in this post.

Active people make healthy people

Why people re so healthy in San Sebastian.Hiking in the mountains
happy healthy hikers

There is nothing worse for a Basque than laziness. I was told from very early on that it’s a get up and go world.  For us Basques work is very important, therefore there is a job to do. So, you will observe everyone walks around town. If you can walk there, you do. Look at La Concha beach in the morning, you will see lots of older squads meeting to walk or swim. Yes, we swim daily, rain or snow. The weekends are for hiking, cycling or water sports.

We eat and drink like the Gods

Why people are so healthy in San Sebastian. Eating healthy
Tuna, tomatoe on a bed of puré

Everybody by now knows that we have great food and wine.The food we eat is locally. As a result, it is very healthy. It is based on seasonal products; we do not eat what is not available locally.

We grill, boil and season the food with olive oil. In defense of our love of wine, a wine a day seems to keep the doctor away. I know you are probably thinking our intake of bread is crazy. And it is true, we can’t say no to a warm baguette.

Our sense of community is why people are so healthy in San Sebastian

Connection keeps us healthy The key factor of healthy people in San Sebastian is the sense of belonging. Getting old in a community where you are still seen and valued is a motivation for living your life to your fullest. You will see our young and old hanging out together in the old part of San Sebastian. Our elders are an important part of society. As I myself navigate through life, this aspect of San Sebastian becomes one its most valuable asset.

Enjoying community over a great meal
Eating with friends keeps you healthy