Why do the Basques have the best food?

michelin star restaurants in the Basque country
michelin star restaurants in the Basque country

Where does this passion for food come from? 

I get this question a lot on my tours. I used to answer that it is a way of life, that we have amazing products from the sea and the land. Truth be told many regions, countries have this. But that’s not the story, is it?. Why still do the Basques have the best Food?

What is it about us, why?

I think it comes from feelings, emotions. The repressed ones. 

Yes, those that come from the gut, find their way up but never make it out of the mouth.

All what comes from the heart gets brushed away as if it wasn’t important.

But it is so important that we don’t dare say it.

If you know a Basque, you know that their eyes will tell you much more than their words.

All of our I loves yous, all of our I need you, all of our help me, all of I’m sorry, you matter, comes in form of food.

Today my mother in law made us a couple of meals to help us out through the weekend due to   our hectic agendas. If you knew how she cooks you know I am so lucky. 

We got squid in its own ink with rice, lentil stew with vegetables and a white bean stew.

In that white bean stew, there were 4 artichokes hidden, sunk deep in that rich sauce. Tender, just perfect.

And I got the message.

She was saying everything is going to be ok. I got your back. You are enough.

Any doubt yet about why the Basques have the best food ? Then we need to tour together or you need to come and sign up for a Culinary degree in the famous BASQUE CULINARY CENTER.