Do you feel guilty for all the food you have eaten since Thanksgiving Day, starting with the stuffed turkey and later all the champagne drunk in the holiday season? Did you make a list of New Year’s resolutions and swear to be more healthy, active and practice mindfulness and meditation? 

However different we are, new year’s resolutions are similar almost in every single corner of the earth. In the Basque Country, we go to the mountain the last day of the year, to feel better with ourselves and of course, after the hike, to enjoy the very much deserved New Year´s Eve dinner. We party all night long, and to recover from our hangover, we have a huge family lunch the next day with a wide variety of different local dishes like hake pie, artichokes with ham, squid in its own ink, oven baked lamb, roasted capons, and for dessert turron and polvoron biscuits. All of them fat free and low in carbohydrates and salt

Healthy Lifestyle in the Basque Country

That is why the next following weeks we become members of the gym and go for a hike to the lovely mountains of the Basque country, like mount Hernio, surrounded by beautiful forest of Beeches and Oaks. Also, between the stones of Ernio, a moon milk river flow, the only one of the world. It is in fact, formed by a strange substance that nature pours off in solid state and underground Hernio, filters off in liquid state. 

Definitely, this hike is for all those who we want to reconnect with nature and feel the fresh breeze coming from the trees. Sometimes all you need is to breath from a 1075 meters ( feet?) height. 

A hike to mount Hernio is a must in your Basque Country visit. Hiking is for cool people, like us, we believe that once we arrive to the top of the mountain, the way has been worth it. And that if we have been capable of reaching the summit, we can go further, and we can make real all our dreams. In summer, the green leaves of the trees will give us the shelter to hide from the threatening sun, in autumn the mountain becomes a painting palette,and the grey sky is mixed with the yellow, orange and red color of the trees. And, the soundtrack of the birds seeking for a warmer sky will accompany you on the way. In winter, the forest turns silent, the trees naked, and the top of the mountain is covered with a thin layer of snow. However, mount Hernio becomes a noisy place in spring as the snow melts and the river gets strong, the birds start coming back to the forest, the caterpillars become butterflies and all together they celebrate a big party. It doesn´t matter in which season you visit mount Hernio but there is some magic there that will make your trip to the Basque Country unforgettable. 

If one of your New Year´s resolution is to have a healthier routine, you should come with us to mount Hernio, the perfect place that connects you with nature and makes you happier.