Why San Sebastian is Europe’s most romantic city

Is it because of the French vibe we´ve got going on? Being only 15 min away from France you can definitely tell we got the flair. Our street lamps, la concha beach’s railing or our beautiful iron balconies are so chic.

Is it because of our quaint squares filled with cafes and charmng churches on cobbled streets? You can almost here that arcordeon music in the back round?

I personally think it’s our bay.  A high school friend of mine once told me that she met her first love in the old part of town (like the rest of the world, nothing special) , he then took her for a night stroll on la concha. And the way she told me the story (remember this is high school), taking off their shoes, feeling the cold sand, all those beautiful lights, sound of the waves crashing, the island in the middle…god I almost fell in love with him too.

Needless to say, that romance was short, but my memory has lived that night more than once.

Needless to say that romance was short  but my memory has lived that night more than once.

So when people ask me what do to celebrate valentines day, anniveraries, honeymoon or just the fact that you are still together (which deserves a celebration!) I have to say our sunset sailing tour. These two hours are going to make your stay unforgettable. 

Imagine yourself in a cute blue and white ( the colors of san sebastian) striped out fit, clicking your glasses to a perfect end of the day. You know that feeling in your stomach when you are conscious of feeling happiness in that exact  moment.life is good right then and there.

Sit back and relax 

Love is in the air in san sebastian and you feel it the second you land here.

Yes it so obvious we have a love for food, you will feel overwhelmed at all the food that will be displayed before your eyes. The love of wine,also overwhelming feeling of having great wines at 2 e the glass …yes 2 € ..bet you are already loving san sebastian. And don’t forget the love we have of being together. Does this mean that basques are romantics? No.no and super no. But that’s another post. Coming soon