San Sebastian is considered the Spanish Gastronomic Mecca and food capital. The Michelin starred restaurants, food markets and local bars turns the city into a paradise for any food lover. Likewise, San Sebastian is the hometown of the pintxo (which literaly means a stick but it reffers to the miniature cuisine). Small bites full of taste which normally are accompained by a glass of wine. Here goes our selection of the TOP 5 PINTXO BARS IN SAN SEBASTIAN you should visit.

Casa Urola (Old Town)

One of Anthony Bourdain´s favorite bars in the city, this bar-restaurant located in the Old Town, serves traditional Basque food cooked always with local and seasonal products with a innovative twist. From their best seller grilled scallop with pine-nuts and white garlic praliné to a simple tomato salad, the good quality and excellent taste is guaranteed. 

Borda Berri (Old Town)

This charming bar will definitely go well beyond your expectations. The food  you order is cooked at the moment and  good ingredients and exquisite flavors are guaranteed. The pintxos are worth fine dining and once you order one of their pintxos you will end up ordering the whole menu! Definitely worth to add to your 5 TOP PINTXO BARS IN SAN SEBASTIAN.

Casa Vallés (City centre)

Gilda Casa Vallés IN San Sebastian

Just behind San Sebastian cathedral and known from many years, this traditional bar is the perfect spot for a quick bite. They have an splendid bar full of skewers and tapas but you shoudn´t miss the GILDA, the emblematic pintxo that was born in Casa Vallés back in the 40s. Green, salty and a bit spicy, the Gild pintxo from casa Vallés is a party of flavors for your palate! 

Bar Zazpi (City centre)

Close to San Martin market, Bar Zazpi is worth to vist and worth to be in our TOP 5 PINTXO BARS IN SAN SEBASTIAN list. They respect the local and seasonal products and turn into a exquisite haute cousine bites but in miniature cousine. They even have dessert pintxos! In case you want to try something different from traditional cousine, you should definitely add Bar Zazpi to your bucket list! 

Bodega Donostiarra (Gros neighborhood)

Located in the most trendy neighborhood of San Sebastian, Bodega Donostiarra is all you need if you want to chill for a while in a cute terrace and taste different traditional pintxos. From a perfectly cooked battered hake fish for a more adventurous eaters eags pear and blood sausage, this bar frequented by locals is the perfect place for a meal to remember. 

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