Top 3 Museums in the Basque Country

Museums you must visit in the Basque Country

In the following post we are going to tell you our choice of the top 3 museums in the Basque Country.

The most popular museum in the Basque Country is the Guggenheim. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is one of the world’s best museums. It offers a very interesting display of modern and contemporary art. Bilbaos transformation from industrial city to a city of services is thanks to this top tourist site. The Guggenheim foundation was looking for a place to shine and Bilbao was looking for a star. Frank Gehry was on the committee and was having a romance with Bilbao. We took the chance to wine and dine him and bingo! Luckily for us, the Canadian architect is the designer. And that it how Bilbao became the home of the flashiest Guggenheim collection. The building alone is an architectural wonder that many come visit without actually entering the museum.

Who loves this museum: Japanese tourist go crazy and anyone who loves modern art

Where is it located: On the river bank where the dock used to be in the 80s.

Most iconic piece: Puppy from Jeff Koon

Fun fact: the Gugenheim building is owned by the Basque Country.

Guggenheim Museum is the top museum in the Basque Country
Guggenheim Museum

Second Best Museum in Bilbao

The number two on our list of top museums in Bilbao is the Fine Arts Museum. It is the second largest and most visited museum in the BasqueCountry. The collection of the Fine Arts museum is a large collection (over seven thousand pieces) of works of art from the twelfth century to the present day. The collections shows a special interest in the Spanish school of art and displays many Basque artists. Therefor it has more of a local flair to it.

Fine arts museum in Bilbao is open on Mondays

Who loves this museum: Art lovers, locals, anyone with good taste

Where is it located:Right behind the Guggenheim. In the middle of Doña Casilda, one of the few parks in Bilbao.

Most iconic piece: hard to choose from old masters like El GrecoCranachMurilloGoyaVan DyckRuisdael and Bellotto,

Fun fact: Sir Norman Foster presents the project for the remodel of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum for 2022

Last but not least

Number three of our choice of top museums to visit in the Basque Country is for the art and nature lovers. The Chillida leku is in the outskirts of San Sebastian where a the park is the art. Landscape and works of art blend together to understand the artist.

Who loves this museum: Who wouldn’t? Picasso lovers as well.

Where is it located: 10 minute taxi drive from San Sebastian.

Most iconic piece: “Looking for light”

Fun fact: Eduardo Chillida was a football star before becoming an artist. His son can give you personalized tour of the park.

Chillida Leku Museum is the best outside museum
Chillida Leku in San Sebastian

In conclusion when visiting the Basque Country these 3 top museums are posible to do in our tours.