How to get a taxi in San Sebastian

So, what’s the story with getting a taxi in San Sebastian? Can not be that difficult right? Exactly, it is not. But you do have to know a couple of rules. Navigating the local code when in a foreign country can be quite tricky, so we decided to write this post to help you get a taxi in San Sebastian.

Rule #1: You don’t hail a cab to get a taxi in San Sebastian

hailing a cab
Hailing a cab in New York, not done in San Sebastian

We locals have only seen this done in the movies. So, when in San Sebastian do as the romans, they say. Which means look for the nearest taxi stand and go there and discretely wait for a taxi or approach the first one in line. Do not expect the driver to acknowledge you in any way. That’s a whole different blog post about how we perceive service! Do not walk up to any other taxicab in the row, it must be the first one. And a reminder that our taxi drivers normally do not speak English. A popular taxi stand that travelers use the most when in San Sebastian is the one in the old part of town, on the boulevard directly in front of the music stand.

Taxi Stand in San Sebastian
Taxi stand in San Sebastians old town

Rule #2 Always have cash on you

This not only goes for being able to pay your taxi but just in general around town. Although you can pay almost everything via your credit card (except American Express that is generally not accepted) you don’t want to have to walk back to your hotel in the rain because you don’t have some Euros in your pocket. It can happen. because San Sebastian is such a small city and safe, walking home isn’t a problem. And after a night on the oldtown it just might be the best option.

Rule #3 A tip is not expected but it is welcome when using a taxi

I understand that the whole tipping issue is complicated when traveling outside of your home and for some reason someone (probably not a local) informed you that you don’t tip in Spain. Not true. The truth is that we do not expect it, but we certainly do appreciate it. Our salaries are not based on the tips, but it does help. So when out and about remember that 10% is fair.

And remember if you just want to be driven around and get the most out of your stay in Sn Sebastian you can just call us!