Did you know that the Gateau Basque was born in the French Basque Country?

gateau Basque is as famous as the San Sebastian cheesecake
Gateau Basque in Sare

The history of the basque cake started during the 18th century when a basque woman called Marianne Hirigoyen started to bake this cake.⁠
She sold it on a weekly basis at the market in Bayonne.⁠
In those days it was called ’Gateau de Cambo’ because she was from the village called Cambo-les-bains. As the original name or “bizkotxa” was very hard to pronounce, the decided to give the international name of Gateau Basque. ⁠
Nowadays it is the pride of all Basques and particularly from the French side. It is a very respected recipe and dessert, which has its own market stall in every single town and city. It even has its own museum @museedugateaubasque in Sare. ⁠
Whenever you have the possibility to share a nice moment with friends and family, enjoy a genuine gateau basque together. It gives you warmth on the table at the end of the meal.⁠
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