BRUNCH/ HAMAIKETAKO Ask any Basque about brunch and you get a blank stare back, although we have been “celebrating” ( anything involving food should be celebrated) for more than 200 years. Say hamaiketako and the world stops. Hamaiketako means “for 11 am”. Thats when we stop and go for something savory after our short and sweet breakfast. This tradition comes from our rural world where the hard physical work requiered many breaks for garlic soup, cream from fresh milk, chorizo,bacon, cheese,cold cuts, eggs and lots of wine and cider to wash It down.But It was done at 10 am ( hamarretako..still heard today) Late 19th century with the industrial Revolution the farmers had to adapt.They came to the cities, working hours were different and their break was an hour later. Join us for a traditional brunch that you wont forget.

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