Why Travel With us?

Why with us?


One of the primary goals of BASQUE TOURS is to offer itineraries that enable you to become a temporarily basque citizen instead of a tourist, creating educational- exciting tours that highlight the uniqueness and the culture of this fascinating corner of Europe called the BASQUE COUNTRY.


Our knowledge of our homeland, our contacts, provider network and experience make us undoubtedly your choice if you decide to travel to the Basque Country & Rioja


Spectacular landscape, the culture of food and mixing with the locals, are the key components of our tours, as are face-to-face visits with producers, artisans cheese and wine-makers.Foodie-Active and healthy lifestyle, our ideal tour should include spectacular walks as a means of sight-seeing, experiencing the countryside and the local way of life.

Who are we?


BASQUE TOURS is a private tours organization providing unique travel experiences in the Basque Country & Rioja with our private tours and personalized itineraries


We specialize in quality gourmet food & wine tours, adventure and nature tours, festivals and culture tours related to the authentic Basque Country & Rioja


BASQUE TOURS sets out to create a new dimension to travel: one that is specifically aimed at individual interests and priorities of each customer – a dimension that provides you with a personal guide, allows you to get the most out of your limited time, and gives you the chance to experience the extraordinary

Private Private With your private guide, your day is flexible. Your guide will spend time only with you and the people you're traveling with.
CUSTOMIZED CustomizedEvery tour is customizable. See the sights YOU want, try the food YOU crave, learn about what interests YOU the most.
LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Local Knowledge Basque born and raised guides will allow you access more intimate, out of the way spots and face-to-face with local producers and artisans
Became a temporary Basque Citizen!